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Agrello: Was verbirgt sich hinter dem ICO?

by sebastian
posted onJuly 18, 2017

Ziel von Agrello ist, Smart-Contracts auf eine gesetzlich bindende Ebene zu bringen. Zudem möchte man Smart-Contracts weg von einer programmierenden Kompetenz hin zu einem Medium für die Allgemeinheit zu bewegen.

Aeternity 2

During the second Aeternity ICO the cap was set at 24 million USD.

The following bonus schedule was set:

First 24 hours: 0.00125 ETH 
First week: 0.00133 ETH
Second week: 0.00143 ETH 
Final week: 0.00154 ETH

The second Aeternity ICO was hacked during the Parity hacked and lost about 80,000 ETH.

Aeternity 1

The first Aeternity ICO took place in April 2017.

82% or 139,089,935.08 of all AE alloted to the ICO were sold.

Of these 7% was reserved for the founding team, the founding company and the foundation, which is still under development.

Another 1% was allocated to people who have BTC and/or ETH addresses.

8 Circuit Studios

The 8 Circuit tokensale will start on July 17th. During the one month period the company will sell tokens for up to a maximum of 33 million USD.

The maximum amount of 8BT tokens to be sold is 100,000,000. Of those 100 million tokens, 33% will be sold in the ICO. A further 33% will be retained by 8 Circuit Studios, although it is not known for what purpose these tokens will be retained. Further 33% of the 8BT tokens will be allocated for distribution to incentivize participation in the ecosystem. The remaining 1% of tokens will be used to cover the costs of the ICO.